The Reliable Compass Process

Reliable Compass is a simple-to-use fleet management system that allows you to track an unlimited amount of shipments, all for a monthly subscription fee. Better logistics and supply chain visibility make your entire shipping and receiving department more successful.

Ready to start using Reliable Compass? Here’s how.

Step One: Sign Up is Easy

Ready to start reaping the rewards of more efficient fleet management? It all starts with signing up.


$499+HST (No contract)

$449+HST (6 month contract)

$399+HST (1 year contract)

All in Canadian funds

Once you sign up for Reliable Compass, you’ll get your own Reliable Compass account, which you can access through our website’s online portal. Simply enter in your login information, and the site will take you to your dashboard.
Create your account to get started

Step Two: Your Dashboard

Your dashboard is your overview of everything, including:

  • Account information
  • Company information
  • Invoice drafts
  • In-transit shipments
  • Shipment history

From your dashboard, you can manage your subscription, add account and company information, upload your business’ logo, and set up authorized accounts for administrators. Reliable Compass supports 3 authorized administrator accounts, and more are available for $49.99 CAD/month. Administrator accounts can be set up in varying locations, and each administrator can track an unlimited amount of packages and loads.


Step Three: Set Up Your Account Preferences

Your account information is where you store all of your relevant information, such as name, email address, etc. It’s also where you can set up some of your default settings, such as your time zone and preferred units of measurement.

Managing Freight

When you select the Add Items button, it will allow you to manage your freight. You can add items, manage receivers, and manage your shipping company’s information.

Once all of your setup is complete, you can start inputting and tracking shipments!


Step Four: Creating Shipments

When you’re ready to begin creating a new shipment, select the Create a New Invoice button. A new invoice will appear with your default shipper’s information already filled out. From there, you can add a receiver’s information, transportation information, freight details, delivery date, shipment content, and any special instructions.

Reliable Compass uses a cache system that will save your frequently-used information for receivers, freight, and shipment content. As time goes on, you’ll be able to use your frequently-used lists for faster invoicing.

If you need to exit before finishing an invoice, simply click the Finish Later button. Any unfinished drafts will be saved for later, and listed under the Unfinished Invoices section of your dashboard.

If you would prefer to use your own invoice template, simply input the shipper and receiver information without inputting any items. The Reliable Compass system will generate a cover page for you with the QR code and tracking access. You can still get your tracking access, all while using your own invoicing systems.


Step Five: Tracking Shipments

After creating a shipment’s invoice, you’ll automatically be redirected to the details page of that particular shipment and invoice. From there, you can print a bill of lading, email a copy to other relevant parties, and check for notifications on the shipment’s status and progress.

A QR scanner code is automatically generated and sent to Reliable Compass’ companion app, RC Pro Tracking. When the shipment’s driver arrives for pick-up, they can then scan the code and download all of the relevant information to their mobile device. They’ll also sign the invoice through the RC Pro Tracking app during pick-up, which will automatically upload the signature to the invoice in your portal. Once the driver has signed the invoice, the shipment’s status is automatically updated to “in transit” in your portal.

GPS Tracking

Reliable Compass is also equipped with GPS tracking technology, allowing you to view your shipment’s progress on the shipment’s details page in your customer portal. Data is pulled from the RC Pro Tracking app on the driver’s mobile device. Reliable Compass will also automatically send a link to receivers once the shipment is in transit, allowing them to keep track of progress, too.

Drivers can also use the app to notify you of any delays, which will automatically update to your online portal. These updates appear as green pins along the driver’s route.


Step Six: Receiving Shipments

Once a shipment has arrived, the driver gives the receiver access to the RC Pro Tracking app, so that the receiver can sign electronically. This signature is also automatically updated to the relevant invoice in your online portal. Once a shipment has arrived and been marked as received, it is moved to your shipment history, which is accessible through your portal’s dashboard.

As you continually use the Reliable Compass system, your shipping and receiving processes will get easier and more efficient. Get started now!

Reliable Compass is not required to store any of your data or shipping history. Reliable Compass cannot be held liable for any data or information that is lost.