RC Pro Tracking improves your entire shipping and receiving department with effective fleet management and tracking.

QR Code Scanner & Electronic Signatures


qr-code-3Keeping proper records and documentation can be difficult. Hard copies can get lost or ruined while drivers are on the road, and drop lot systems are inconvenient for truckers who arrive after hours. A QR scanner code allows drivers to scan and sign invoices (or other relevant documents), reducing the risk of damaged or incomplete records. The Reliable Compass site will store all electronic copies for up to one year!

Reliable Compass’ invoicing system offers templates, allowing for quick and convenient customization. This system has a cache that saves frequently-used items, so you can can quickly recall an invoice template or any other relevant information. You can also store your inventory info on Reliable Compass’ site, allowing for faster invoicing.

Our invoicing system is what ultimately sets our fleet management system apart. To keep your business running smoothly, you need to keep good records and streamline your internal processes. The RC Pro Tracking app makes the entire process easy. Using electronic signatures and invoices helps you store all of the important records in one place, so you don’t get distracted by missing or incomplete files. With better records, you can focus on the first priorities of your business, giving you more freedom to grow.


GPS Tracking

Lost shipments are a thing of the past.

Lost shipments are a common problem for shipping and receiving departments. But with GPS tracking, you can easily eliminate the stress of missing freight. RC Pro Tracking shows you where your shipments are in real time, allowing for better reliability. You can track multiple shipments at a time, and know where all of your freight goes.

Automatic Updates help keep track.

We understand that drivers may have to travel through areas with poor cellular reception. But don’t let that deter you. As soon as cell service is regained, the RC Pro Tracking app automatically updates the driver’s location. Even when passing through poor reception areas, you minimize the risk of lost shipments.

Convenient & Affordable Usage

Even with GPS tracking capabilities, RC Pro Tracking uses minimal data. Using the tracking app for 1,325 miles ( 2,150 km ) uses as much data as watching 30 seconds of HD video. We use technology that’s available on your phone, so no supplementary devices are needed.