GPS Tracking Devices

One of RC Pro Tracking’s most important elements is its GPS tracking capabilities.

The best way to combat the delay or loss of shipments is to monitor the shipment’s progress in real time. Much like tracking mail through a carrier, the app allows you to follow the progress of a shipment. However, instead of tracking the shipment through the freight itself, the app monitors the route using the driver’s mobile device.

Driver’s Progress in real time.

Once a driver is contracted to carry the freight, it is their responsibility to ensure that the freight arrives in tact and on time. By monitoring the driver’s progress, you are able to maintain clear communication and accountability. You can feel confident about your shipment’s progress, and drivers can notify you of any changes to the route.

Know about delays as they happen.

Sometimes, unexpected delays can occur, such as traffic, inclement weather, or other incidents that make road conditions unfavourable. RC Pro Tracking allows drivers to notify shippers and/or receivers of changes in arrival time, so that no one is caught off guard.

The driver's mobile device runs the RC Pro Tracking App.

GPS tracking can be linked to the driver’s mobile device. RC Pro Tracking runs on all iOS and Android mobile devices, including tablets. As long as you have data available, you can access shipment tracking.