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Reliable Compass makes online fleet management simple. Other companies may offer you GPS tracking, but we take it one step further with electronic signatures and invoicing. And you can manage every piece of the process through one convenient, easy-to-access portal.


Easy signup & customization

Once you subscribe to Reliable Compass, you’ll get full access to our member portal. You can easily manage your account settings, subscription information, and profile from here.

Electronic invoicing & QR scanner codes

Setting up invoices is easy! Every time you create an invoice, it generates its own QR scanner code that drivers can scan and use to collect electronic signatures. If you want to use your own paperwork, Reliable Compass will generate a cover page with all of the QR codes attached.

The RC Pro Tracking App

The driver scans the paperwork using the RC Pro Tracking app and signs for accountability. It helps to manage tracking of shipments every step of the way with a straight forward, easy to use system.

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GPS Tracking

Tracking your fleet gives you better peace of mind. You’ll know where your shipments are at all times, and who is responsible for the shipment at that time.

Activity Monitoring

Sometimes, unexpected changes in weather, routes, etc. can impact your fleet's arrival times. Reliable Compass’ activity monitoring helps you keep track of it all in real time.

QR Code Scanner

Make paperwork easier and faster with QR codes and electronic signatures. With a better way to document information, you can streamline the entire process.

No More Waiting

With Reliable Compass, you'll get immediate updates directly to your device. Instant signed invoice emails are sent to the shipper, the receiver and the transportation company immediately after delivery is made.

Reliable compass tracks
all your shipments

No matter what you're shipping, we'll help you make sure it gets there on time.

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